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The Rocca Arrighina The Rocca Arrighina
The middle ages saw the construction of a large number of castles in the Versilia region, above all in the municipality of Camaiora, which was dominated by the feudal families such as those of the Cattani and the Viscounts of Corvaia and Vallecchia. From the 7th century onwards, the castles fell under the rule of the Lucchesi and were caught up in bloody battles between Lucca and Pisa, the latter conquering various forts between 1219 and 1226. The Via Francigena, which served both religious and trade purposes, and which passed through Montignoso, Lago di Porta and Beltrame, finally reaching Pietrasanta and Camaiore, was awarded extra protection in the form castles at Rotaio and Montemagno.
The castles of Camaiora, as well as those of Montecastresse, Montebello and Monteggiore, have nearly all been reduced to ruins.
The remains of the Salto della Cervia Tower, the Rocca di Sala (situated high above the city) and the Rocchetta Arrighina, near Porta a Pisa, can still be found in Pietrasanta region.
Where the castles belonging to the mountain municipalities of Versilia are concerned, the only remains are those of the Montramito fort at Massarosa. The fort was built to protect the main commercial route in and out of the city and was taken over by Pisa in 1172 only to be retaken by Lucca in a battle that saw the death of a great many Pisan soldiers.
The remains of Rocca di Corvaia, owned by the Cattani family between the X and XIII centuries, can still be found at Seravezza.

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