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The Museo dei Bozzetti The Museo dei Bozzetti
The museums in Versilia offer a wide range of information on archaeology, versilian marble, the famous carnival of Viareggio and modern history.
Art museums include the Museo Villa Puccini, at Torre del Lago, the native house of Carducci at Valdicastello, which was named a national monument in 1907, the Ugo Guidi Casa-Atelier Museum, which boasts a large number of sculptures and sketches in their unfinished state at the artist’s former studio at Forte dei Marmi.
Due to the fact that Versilia has been inhabited since prehistoric times, many ancient remains and historic artefacts have been recovered and carefully preserved in the Archaeological Museum at Camaiore, which is based in the 15th century Tori-Massoni Palace, and in the Archaeological Museum of Versilia, located in the Moroni Palace at Pietrasanta. The former of the two contains relics retrieved from the Grotta dell’Onda.
The famous versilian marble is most evident at Pietrasanta. As well as the Botero sculptures dotted around the city, the Bozzetti Museum, formerly home to the convent of Sant’Agostino, also boasts a collection of busts created by various contemporary artists.
You can find out about the traditional Versilian carnival at the Carnevale Museum at Viareggio, which is located in city park. Meanwhile, the Museum of Satire and Caricature, based in the fort at Forte dei Marmi, is also worth a visit.
The Museum of Versilian Work and Popular Culture is the place to go to find out about the more recent history of the region. The museum is located inside the Mediceo Palace at Servezza. The Historical Museum of the Resistance at Sant’Anna, in Stazzema. Sant’Anna is also the site of a bloody massacre at the hands of German troops on the 12th August 1944.
The Sacred Art Museum at Camaiore houses wall hangings, paintings, jewels and furniture taken from the various churches of the region. The Civil Museums of Villa Paolina at Viareggio include the Alberto Carlo Blanc Prehistoric and Archaeological Museum, the Lorenzo Viani Picture Gallery, a unique exhibition of figurative contemporary art, and the Giovanni Ciuffreda Museum of Musical Instruments.